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Graphic Designers vs Clients: An exercise in Collaboration

We all know the importance of reaching commonality in the design, marketing, and editorial processes that contribute to the creation of visual messaging. The process differs for each agency and in-house department but, I have found that the spirit of the effort is the same—we are in the business of solving problems. Personalities, differing experiences, knowledge or lack there of, frame our reference and inform how we perceive relational subject matter terminology, customers, industry specificities, and concepts.

The good folks over at produced a video that juxtaposes the "Designer" "Client" viewpoint in a visual, easily digestible manner. I absolutely love the video and chuckled a bit at the close-to-home simple but on-target observations but, I have a critique with the usage of versus/VS in the construct. I would argue that Designers and Clients are not combatants on the field of ideation and exploration. The relationship is mutualistic in that all stakeholders own a significant piece of the equation that results in successful messaging—the symbiotic relationship is mutually beneficial.

Design Sojourn has a brilliant article: Call Them Clients? No, They Are Business Partners! that lays the foundation of the partner approach. I would also add that we—any team member involved in the business of creativity—share the responsibility of crafting meaningful messaging through the noise, which includes the "VS" debate.

When we take the time to research our audience, actively listen to our team-members who are subject matter experts (including Design), we achieve that perfect covalent bonding of form and function—timeless visual communication. So while the Pixelo post is a fun poke at differing approaches, it is only a small part of the conversation.

Here are stills from the video:

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